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Monday/Wednesday: 4pm-9pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 4pm - 9pm

Saturday/Sunday: 10am-1pm


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Our trial class experience will allow you and your child the chance to get a feel for our program, see our facility as well as meet our world class instructors. Please dress your child in comfortable athletic clothing.

Available Classes

Little Kickers (ages 3-5)

The Little Kickers program focuses on overall physical health and fitness all while highlighting and encouraging each individual child’s potential.

Mon & Wed: 4:00-4:45pm
Tue: 4:00-4:45pm & Sat: 9:00-9:45am
Thur: 4:00-4:45pm & Sat: 11:15am-12:00pm
Fri: 4:00-4:45pm & Sun: 9:00-9:45am

Little Kickers + (Ages 5-7)

Through discipline and structured practice, the Little Kickers + will begin to develop and round out their fitness, strength, flexibility, movement, and dexterous abilities.

Mon & Wed: 5:00-5:45pm
Tue: 4:45-5:30pm & Sat: 9:45-10:30am
Thur: 4:45-5:30pm & Sat: 12:00-12:45pm
Fri: 4:45-5:30pm & Sun: 9:45-10:30am

Comp Development (Ages 8-11)

Once a wide range of fundamental movement skills have been acquired, athletes progress into the Learn to Train stage leading to understanding basic rules, tactics, and strategy in games and refinement of sport specific skills. Games and activities are inclusive, fun, and skill based. At the end of the Learn to Train stage, participants progress towards sport excellence in the Train to Train stage.

Mon & Wed: 5:45-6:30pm
Tue: 5:30-6:15pm & Sat: 10:30-11:15am
Thur: 5:30-6:15pm & Sat: 12:45-1:30pm
Fri: 5:30-6:15pm & Sun: 10:30-11:15am

Comp Development + (Ages 12+)

The Competition Development program is where our athletes enter the Train to Train stage of sport. Athletes enter the Train to Train stage when they have developed proficiency in the athlete development performance components (physical, technical-tactical, mental, and emotional). Rapid physical growth, the development of sporting capability, and commitment occurs in this stage. A progression from local to provincial competition occurs over the course of the stage.

Mon & Wed: 6:30-7:15pm
Mon & Wed: 7:15-8:00pm
Tue & Thur: 7:15-8:00pm

Junior Elite (Ages 10-13)

The Junior Elite program is where our athletes enter the Train to Compete phase of sport. Athletes enter the Train to Compete stage when they are proficient in sport-specific Train to Train athlete development components (physical, technical-tactical, mental, and emotional). Athletes are training nearly full-time and competing at the national level while being introduced to international competition.

Tue & Thur: 6:15-7:15pm

Elite (14+)

The elite program emphasizes the transition from Train to Compete to Train to win phase of competition. Athletes in the Elite program are national and international level competitors. These athletes have highly personalized training and competition plans and have an Integrated Support Team of physical therapists, athletic therapists, and sport psychologists providing ongoing support.

Tue & Thur: 8:00-9:30pm

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